MM2AC – The Ultimate MemberMouse to ActiveCampaign Connector Plugin

MM2AC is now a fully mature plugin that is in production in dozens of sites. It is regularly updated and fully supported.

  • Synchronize tags for bundles and memberships
  • Automatically create your MemberMouse custom fields in ActiveCampaign and sync all the data
  • Kick off automations based on transactions like purchases and refunds
  • Finally, you can get the right message to the right members at the right time

Automate and synchronize your MemberMouse driven membership site with ActiveCampaign.
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UPDATED Version 2.1.1

Version 1.1 Updates

Video too long? Didn’t watch? Here’s what you need to know about the MM2AC update.

  • We’ve streamlined configuration. Simply click the fields that you want included and we’ll add them to ActiveCampaign for you. If you want to rename the fields you may. They must be IN_THIS_FORMAT – the plugin should automatically force this when you click save and format the fields for you but there are always edge cases we might have missed so best if you can do it right the first time 😉
  • We’ve added support for custom fields. We will automatically detect your custom fields and prepare them for sync, simply check the box next to each field you want passed to ActiveCampaign
  • We’ve added payment automations. Now you can have automations start with Payment Received, Rebill Payment Received, and Rebill Payment Failed. You can use these to send receipts, send notices, kick off dunning (recover, collection) automations – any automations you need

We’ve enjoyed hearing from MM2AC owners. While we have a number of ideas and some plugins in the works if you have some specific needs please let us know we’d be happy to hear from you and will consider any reasonable requests for future updates.

Why MM2AC?

Without connecting MemberMouse and ActiveCampaign you’re creating a host of problems for yourself, you’re confounding your customers and you’re losing sales.

ActiveCampaign and MemberMouse are both powerful systems but if you haven’t connected the two then you already know the problems:

Having ActiveCampaign and MemberMouse Disconnected is Costing You Money

  • A visitor subscribes to your ActiveCampaign email list, they go through your autoresponder, they buy a membership on MemberMouse…. and then they keep getting the autoresponder trying to sell them… Now you’re ticking off your members, but worse, you look like you don’t know what your’e doing.
  • You send discount codes and promotions to your MemberMouse members… FOR PRODUCTS THEY ALREADY BOUGHT… Holy faux pas Batman. Not good, but that’s what happens when your marketing and membership systems aren’t speaking with each other
  • MemberMouse records a “Failed Rebill Payment”…. Your ActiveCampaign has no idea… Your member wanders off never to be heard from again and you lose moths of potential revenue. Expiring and failing credit cards are the BIGGEST source of revenue loss for membership sites. The one email from MemberMouse isn’t going to cut it. Not if you want your revenue to grow month after month.
  • You are missing up-sells and that’s too bad because the fact is that’s where the money is. Sure MemberMouse can show your members new offers but you’re assuming that the customer is always on your site at the right time. If you’re not targeting customer who are tagged with your other products and sending tailored emails to them you’re missing the boat.
  • Connecting ActiveCampaign and MemberMouse with Zapier? What a total drag. Try getting all the filters right from your payment system through Zapier into ActiveCampaign. If you’re like me and you did this then you know that this approach is fraught problems, not the leat of which are loss of data, missed “Zaps”, poor filtering, and wrong messages at the wrong time to the wrong people.

I Have Made All of These Mistakes with ActiveCampaign and MemberMouse… and More

That’s why we built the MM2AC Connector, a WordPress plugin that seamlessly and intuitively connects the actions that are happening with MemberMouse to the right lists and tags inside ActiveCampaign.

MM2AC Solves the MemberMouse to ActiveCampaign Connection Problem

This plugin is currently being deployed in our production environment and will be available to the public shortly. To be notified about its release enter your email below.

UPDATE! MM2AC is Now Available

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This was version 1.0